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CAB Relocations moving tips

We understand how stressful moving can be. We believe careful preparation is the key to a seamless and successful relocation. We hope you find the following tips useful.


Choose your moving company.

Obtain some quotes and choose your preferred mover. Do some background research. We recommend checking the No Cowboys website. Ensure you have your quotation in writing and understand the terms and conditions.

Decide your moving date and make your booking with your preferred mover.

Gather all your important documents, passports, credit cards, birth and marriage certificates.

This is a perfect time for a good clean out! Look into schools, kindergartens and/or daycare in your new area.


Notify your service providers, mail redirection, phone company, insurance provider, internet and energy provider, your bank.

Newspapers, medical providers and of course - your family and friends!


Consider making a floor plan of your new home. This can help a lot on moving day!

Transfer children's school records, and don't forget pets records to your new vet.

Sort out your garage for the move. Please note, items such as unpurged gas bottles, ammunition, petrol etc, are all classified as dangerous goods and cannot be transported with your effects. Check with your mover.


Make contact with your chosen mover and ensure all documentation is in place.

Confirm with your lawyer, property manager or landlord that there will be no access issues on moving day.

Defrost your fridge/freezer at least two days prior to moving day. Drain all water hoses.

Remove your fittings and fixtures from walls (unless otherwise agreed with your mover)

Please do not water any pot plants within two days of your move.

Organize a busy box for each child. Add their favourite toys, books, extra clothes and of course, some snacks!

Request a "priority" box from your mover. This will contain any items you will need to access urgently in your new home. i.e. medicines etc. Either transport this box yourself, or arrange with your mover that this box should be the last item out of the house and the first item into your new home.


Disconnect stereo, sky decoder, computers etc.

Disconnect washing machine and drain hoses.

Pack your suitcases, valuables and passports and move to a safe spot to avoid being accidently transported with your goods. Pack your priority box. Include medicines, remote controls, cell phone chargers, pen and paper, first aid kit, torch and basic toiletries.

Early to bed for the whole family! tomorrow will be a long day.


Be ready for your movers.

Take care to point out or label any items not being moved. Check that taps and heat pumps are turned off.

Check all doors and windows are locked, leave keys as you have previously arranged.

Check that no items have been left before your movers leave. Check and sign inventory.


Check that your services have been connected. Check that the hot water is turned on. Check for any property damage.

Check the movers inventory, identify any missing or damaged items. Notify your moving company of any concerns as soon as possible.

Ensure your movers have placed the larger items where you want them, and that all beds dismantled by movers have been reassembled and placed in position.


At CAB Relocations, we pride ourselves on moving families - not just household furniture and effects.

We value the trust families like yours place with us and will work tirelessly to ensure a successful and seamless moving experience with you.

Thank you!